Quaranteen Angst EP

by Jared Cohen

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Quaranteen Angst (free) 03:45
i’m sitting in the garage got nowhere to go i’m not allowed to leave and there’s nothing to show for any of it are we just wasting time? God only knows trying to do my part but being safe means being alone and i don’t know when i’m gonna get out of here and no one can tell me there’s nothing out there to fear holding on to hope it’s all we got the smartest people in the room keep saying this is our only shot it’s been real hard feel like a tiger in a zoo so many places i wanna be, so much i wanna do i know this will be over i know that it will end that after all the sacrifice and hard times i can walk through the town again
This Is Crazy (free) 03:26
this is crazy this is all pretty fucking scary but maybe maybe it’s just a dream and we’ll wake up soon things like this don’t happen anymore isn’t this what the middle ages were for? i guess we’re not so different it’s been raining so it doesn’t even feel hopeful i’m thinking maybe my mind’s had a little too much time things like this don’t happen anymore isn’t this what the renaissance was for? i guess we’re not so different they’re on the television pretending they know the score and it’s pretty clear they don’t really care anymore i’m not sure they ever did this is crazy i’m not sure what comes next for us but maybe we just have to do what we have to do things like this don’t happen anymore isn’t this what the bible times were for? i guess we’re not so different
Rearranged (free) 03:55
wake up early or wake up late? what’s the difference? what’s it change? get up get dressed, or just stay in bed? they're saying, “work from home,” not, “work from a desk” and this is life now it doesn’t feel like it will change and it’s weird that somehow it’s all rearranged put the kids to bed, think about the day what did i really do? not much, but that’s the way it’s a strange illusion, this progress we’ve made it looks like nothing and that means we might be saved
Light At The End (free) 04:06
i make a lot of jokes about things that are uncomfortable it makes it easier for me to handle it’s okay to be scared, none of us have ever been here there’s a light at the end, i can almost see it how will this go? do any of us really know? the groceries are delivered some meals delivered, too wiped down with disinfectant, it’s what i’ve been told to do it’s getting harder to remember what normal days felt like and that’s actually a little scary, but i know it’ll be alright
Almost Fine (free) 04:39
you can wait it out you can block the whole thing out you can scream aloud but you can’t make the numbers go down every time you think that somethings going right refresh the screen, keep looking for a bright light you can shop online you can tell yourself it’ll be fine you’ve got Zoom and Facetime and bottles of wine but in moments of calm, everything feels different the stores are empty, the roads are quiet i don’t know what this is supposed to be like i don’t know if i’m doing any of this right but sometimes i feel almost like sometimes i feel almost fine don’t go outside if you’re alone it might be alright get a mask on tight don’t bother because that one ain’t right mixed messages and daily change just keep breathing, avoid a turn to rage


Holy crap we've been stuck inside for a long time and we're, like, nowhere near done.

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released April 22, 2020

Additional Guitar on 1, 3, 4, 5 by Spencer Askin.
Produced from a safe distance by Spencer Askin.


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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