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Seeing Orange

by Jared Cohen

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Seeing Orange (free) 03:41
I feel out of place in my own country I don’t understand what they want me to be Everything is shit but people seem okay with it I don't know why I'm so angry all the time... You wouldn't believe what men are posting online You thought teenagers were cruel? Wait ’til they get out of school You can be a rapist and still be the President Who the hell would’ve ever thought that could happen? Scanning formerly soviet states, scoping out his future mates I've said a lot of stuff I knew I’d regret But there's some things I thought we all just agreed with They're saying Nazis are fine and that just blows my mind It won't stay, it will change Part of me knows it won't last forever But when the dust clears, the real fear Is that nothing can be put back together The religious right is wrong about everything Who decided to listen to them anyway? Now a little band of kooks get to write all the rules Forget about God and made up religion I just want a world where men respect women Maybe the meaning of life is just: don’t hit your fucking wife
Still Trying (free) 02:58
I can feel it in my bones Something's just getting stronger I don't know what it is I don't know when it'll come But I wanna know if anything can be saved from the storm Or is it already gone? Was it ever not? Screaming at the walls Wondering where the sound goes Because it seems to disappear and fall off into a void The other side has no interest in what the facts are And they never did as long as they won Sometimes I don’t know why we’re still trying When everything we’re fighting for is gone I wonder if we’re going through this lying But then I think I don’t really want to know From over and above You can’t tell where the holes are So you've got to step carefully Or you’re probably gonna fall If you keep the light shining bright like fire Then you’ve got a chance to clear all the obstacles At the end of every line Something’s got to give some time Maybe this is mine
Bleeding (free) 03:22
i was looking in from the outside but everyone seemed to know my name and i couldn't find the right thing to cut through all the pain sometimes things feel right but they can't get you through the night spending days still looking for answers and maybe hoping for a sign i know they're tired and untrusting and it's all mixed up with pride but the story doesn't fit with the things they believe in this was supposed to be a way out but it never made any sense that's never what it was about all the things that were kept way down they're bleeding through the cracks and they won't stop seeping out you can bide your time in silence and hope that nothing fades but the empire’s built on nothing except a little faith when the memories are gone and there’s nothing left to want
Grown Up (free) 03:40
i’m not saying that you’re anything that you don’t already claim i’m not sure what the game is anymore if you won’t admit you’re playing the whole thing feels like you're just begging for a fight i’m tired of being the grown up reminding you every day it’s more than a little important i mean it’s really everything you treat smaller than the momentary victories you claim and that’s really a shame talking heads and conspiracies they now feel commonplace they push out things like facts and logic and reality and blur the lines of what’s considered sane it can be hard to care at all when you’re punching against a wall it’s easy to forget you haven’t hard to control it yet
Bang Bang (free) 02:30
I don't need a good guy's gun To help me figure out who won It's easy to say and there's no need to cry It's America and we're all gonna die Because we're so fucked up and we don't know how to get out Through tragedy there's always one single thing that's not in doubt A road we'll never go down Stupid is as stupid does but have we finally woken up? Doesn't matter what people say when cash pours in from the NRA Because some guys fucked up with a line that doesn't make sense I mean with all that education you'd think they know what a comma meant But they just dropped it right in
you were saying something but i couldn’t hear your voice you were looking at me like i had a choice and when everything was said and done it was really hard to figure out who won and it’s getting stronger every day you expect me somehow to always feel the same everything we had, into to the flames what i haven't seen yet is any sign of regret what i really need is just a little reality if we're just wasting time then let's stop saying we're fine another drink won't erase it all this time it couldn’t be the silence, that’s deafening it couldn’t be what i’m seeing, making me reach for something disappearing spend the whole day at the ceiling, and for what?
Out of Time (free) 03:25
it’s an emptiness and it’s running deep i’m out of ideas and i can’t even sleep close a door, open a window up but i'm starting to think that we're out of luck a monster’s still a monster if it doesn’t show it’s teeth while you wait to find out if it’s good or evil he's heading out to eat have we lost our fucking minds? is this how it's gonna be? because we're running out of time here are we're drifting in the sea you can let the anger eat you and devour your insides the only thing that will really change is that you’ll have nowhere left to hide you say there's nothing here that anyone needs to fear but that's hard to buy once things start to disappear trying hard to excuse every little thing just don't forget there are bells you can't unring


When you're so overcome with rage that you can't even think straight, you're "Seeing Red." When you're so overcome with nausea that a racist, sexually abusive imbecile is the leader of the free world, and 40% of the people you meet are okay with the boneheaded, hateful things he says, you're "Seeing Orange."


released July 19, 2019

Written and recorded by Jared Cohen over one week in April, 2019, at The Bungalow in Fullerton, CA with help from Spencer Askin, Tom Gurbach, and Erik Roget.
Copyright 2019, Jared Cohen.


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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