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The Fight / H​.​R​.​H.

by Jared Cohen

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The Fight (free) 04:24
i'm surprised by what i see in your eyes, do you see the same thing in me? when you hold that gun pointed straight up at the sun, it's really the same darkness you're trying to flee so put down your knife and go make love to your darling wife you never know if it'll be your last take her in your arms and forget about the harm that everyone on earth is trying to exact the bombs drop from above, and for now they're not falling on us but bombs from our enemies fall just as fast and to think that we're immune is to foolishly assume that all of this is somehow gonna last all the folk singers are gone and the torch has been passed on to a generation education by machines but our parents fought and won, and they figured the fighting was done so they didn't tell us what any of it means now they're talking about nuclear fission all over the television but wasn't this our parents war? and they slowly realize that while part of the evil dies the fight against it must always carry on but this isn't black and white, we can't face each other eye to eye we're fighting heart to heart, and wit to wit and we cant fight this in blood, because the evil side always has too much to spill without care of consequence if we shed our own then which side have we become? that’s not an accusation, it's just a thought because they'll play the war games day and night and send our children off to fight protecting what they tell us we‘ve got there’s nazis marching in the streets thinking that they’ll somehow reach a new audience who’s forgotten the past but time cannot just wash away the tears and all the awful pain of what happened last time everyone bought into that hatred is a tired distraction even when it's coming from a brand new faction who thinks they’ve smoothed out all the old defects once you've seen the light, it’s pretty plain to see what’s right and the bullshit’s pretty easy to detect it’s time to shout out loud and make sure the word resounds we won’t let all the progress go to waste because the opposite of hate can’t be anything to disdain and progress is just another word for fate.
H.R.H. (free) 02:47
Anger proudly worn upon the sleeve Days and nights without any clues to read Give way to mornings in the streets Threats whistling through the leaves It’s hard to take or so they say But it’s getting hard to just to make it through the day Everyone is angry without cause It’s hard to accept everyone's got flaws I didn't know we needed to be made great again I thought we were doing pretty good to begin Build something up just to watch it fade Time can't heal the rift that we have made Fortune is worthless to a king And what good would penitence bring? When you can't see the forest for the trees It's hard to tell what any of it means


“Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong.” ― Theodore Roosevelt


released December 8, 2018

Recorded at The Bungalow, Fullerton, CA. All songs written, recorded, performed by, and copyright Jared Cohen


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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