The Usual Vices

by Jared Cohen

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Burn (free) 03:41
wasting my time at the side of the road never quite knowing where it’s go i’m wondering, when it’s gonna end? never knowing if it’s day or night just trying hard to follow the light knowing where i always begin but you can’t see the start when you’re so far apart sitting here hoping that it’s gonna change but knowing that nothing stays nothing lasts forever just hoping that it’s gonna be where do you go and what’ll we be i know it might not be together and i don’t see how it can start if we’re a thousand miles apart everything will come back down i don’t know when i’ll be back in this town lighting sticks on fire just to watch ‘em burn you can try but you just can’t turn away from all that you haven’t been
Good Enough (free) 03:18
it’s not good but it’s good enough It’s not over but it’s gonna be tough for us I can’t stand here just waiting in line without knowing if there’s gonna be time -like there was every day's the same we watch the time slip away from all the days we can't save you told me you were wondering how many days until we reached the end -of the road silence falls like an atom bomb every second’s a war for the end of wrld times change, there’s nothing left to erase some say, everything’s got to rearrange
Brilliant Actor (free) 03:45
its no great mystery the way that we live no time to breathe no time to forgive i’m not much of a gambler but i’ll place down my bets we all spend too many nights trying to forget but there’s no secret answer to find to make it all okay to make it alright you can spend your whole life waiting for a sign passing by all the right times now we’re just starting over before it even began somehow we’re back at the end come out of the shadows show your face again none of us knows where we should begin i’m not a brilliant actor your’e not waiting int eh wings to see what i say to see where i run to see if i do anything but there’s no secret answer to find to make it all okay to make it alright you can spend your whole life looking for a sign passing by all the right times
All Right Then (free) 04:23
i’m seeing things that seem crazy especially in these times wondering who all these faces are i know they aren’t my kind and the days feel darker now, the weeks feel longer and it’s always cold outside tyranny is calling itself prodigy with no regard--or any use for--pride we thought it was all right then but it doesn’t seem all right now i don’t see how we’re ever gonna make it out what world will we leave behind? will we leave anything at all? will the history books have us as a footnote will they examine the fall? hindsight’s probably 20/20 but that doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead if we’re confusing conscience for weakness we’re gonna end up dead maybe this is the way things unravel maybe it’s a brand new start it seems like we have a long way to travel before we tear all apart sometimes the voices sound so angry it doesn’t feel like it can be saved but then the good reminds you that maybe it’ll all be okay
Trying To Forget (free) 04:36
Fate (free) 05:27
i wanted to know what you were doing there to see if you might come back but i don’t know if all i see and hear can help answer any of that With darkness always comes the cold And it's calm before it rains And everything's been gone a while So it never feels the same And once you find that open door You gotta find out what it means cause everything you’ve been looking for might only live in in-betweens Cause everything doesn't always fall right where you'd think it would And everyone can't answer the call just like you thought they could And you won't know until it's too late How many tries you get at fate I wanted to know what you were doing there To see if we had a chance But now that I've been thinking clear I don't know why we'd ever go back
i look you in the eyes and ask you where you’ve been but you just look away it’s getting hard to pretend i’m getting kind of tired of running the same race and only seeing signs written on your face pick up my coat off the floor i don’t care of it’s raining anymore i’m walking out on this i don’t want to fight i’ve done it too many times i know how it’ll go, i know it line for line it’s hard to just let go when things seem real good but that’s not where we stand so what are we holding on to?
Like You Used To (free) 03:59
sometimes i can still hear the sound of your voice ever so sweetly calling me back as if i had the choice its just a memory but it feels, it feels so real they say in time all these wounds will heal i dont know whats real anymore i stare out the window, your car’s not driving by everything i wanted gone in the blink of an eye most things don't last forever, it's cliché i know but that doesn't mean you have to go do you still love like you used to do you still need me like i need you do you still want me like you used to do you still love like i love you do you still want me like you used to do you still need me like i need you do you still want me like you used to do you still love me like i love you
Don't Hold Your Breath (free) 03:50
i don’t know why you said some thing’s don’t last til the end there’s a crack at the bend and the rest’s loooking thin don’t hold your breath it’ll just mess with your head i could lie here for days hide in the imdsummer haze with the crash of teh waves i can let it all go away don’t hold your breath it’s just something i said i can’t see where you’re going i don’t know the road before it’s too late i hope you’ll let me know don’t hold your breath it won’t change a thing in the end
No Matter How Much (free) 03:47
you can tell me your sign and i'll tell you mine and you can say we're gonna be together forever if the stars align but i don't buy that the moons in the sky have anything at all to do with you and i this might be our last chance to get up dance so don't sit there in the corner come on baby give me your hand cause when this song ends and other begins i can't promise somebody else won't be cutting in and you don't think this is half as special as i know it is you're just holding on to the moment like it’s never gonna give but all things go my dear no matter how much you want them near you you really did your part you should've known from the start that only ends up in tragedy, it's like trying to part a sea that won't part but can take heart, i'm no work of art you'll be better off as soon as you realize we're ending apart
Proof (free) 03:15
i've been trying hard to prove it but i'm not sure what it means or who i'm offering proof to or if it's what it seems i'm begging for forgiveness, for what i don't know but as the colors keep on changing i realize i've got to go i've watched you seeking answers looking for some kind of light but you haven't found a thing yet to get you through the night when it seems a door is closing it's hard not to look inside someday you'll learn better it's an instinct we all fight what if we just left it here? put our cards on the table and were true to our nature? what's really stopping us is fear it's the only thing keeping us from being sure
Through The Walls (free) 02:50
hiding behind the walls walking these empty halls but i can still hear you so say what you wanna say sometimes just for kicks sometimes the meaning sticks and it’s hard to know when things are gonna go away in the light you can’t see the shadows but that doesn’t mean they fade everything has a time every fire runs out of light and there’s no way to know how long it’s gonna stay in the dark you can’t see it coming but that won’t make it go away hiding behind the walls walking these empty halls
You Want To (free) 04:15
i read all the letters you sent i never knew what any of them meant what was i supposed to say? each one signed with your name it always looks the same you never really changed anything but you want to we can carve our name into the trees we can talk about all your dreams but it doesn't make this real you ask if i'll stand at your side and never go off to hide you tell me you've never really felt loved but you want to i can tell you what you want to hear i can take away all of your fears but i can't make you believe a word i say ‘cause there’s dark and lonely days when the whole world looks the other way some people just end up alone but you don't want to


released April 6, 2020

Vocals by Bianca Rodas.


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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