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by Jared Cohen

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We All Do (free) 04:11
I was burning every bridge we had You were trying your best to stay mad When water rose it wasn’t so bad And we remembered how to swim I was plotting a course I couldn’t find While everybody else was trying to rewind The continents shift from time to time But I guess we all do You can’t just take it all away All the things you prayed I wouldn’t say I’ll be here until the last bit fades away We were starting something we both knew Had a thousand ways to come unglued And when the wheels spun off, unsure of what to do I guess we both bailed
Blurred (free) 03:48
I’m out of ideas I’ve got nowhere to go You can ask me anything And I’ll probably say no We were deep in the forest We were far off the grid Now we’re here in Los Angeles Like I couple of kids Looking up at the skylight See the moon and the stars Through the light polluted And I know that they’re ours Screaming into the canyons Wait for the echo back Feel the weight of a lifetime Come like a heart attack And I said we can’t stay here but i don’t know where we can go You told me you didn’t care as long as we could be alone Lines ripped from a movie Nothing’s new anymore Drinking a bottle of whiskey On the kitchen floor Living a life of confusion As if there’s another kind All the good times and bad times They become one in my mind And it doesnt’ have to be this hard I’ve seen that in your eyes But the choices aren’t easier Just because it’s what you prophesize
No Direction (free) 03:38
I was out on the road but I didn’t have a direction I was waiting for some kind of sign Some divine intervention I was here once before but everything’s been changing I dont know where everyone’s been Everything’s rearranging Things done come that easily Not where my fate is concerned Then the lights when out in the whole town And everything went silent You were wondering what could be found You couldn’t tell where I went But I was right in front of you I was just starting to fade away And you can’t make things fit to other shapes You cant make them what you want them to be And the memories fade into other things You cant make them stay in place I don’t remember where the past Mixes with the things i’ve dreamed
Missed (free) 03:40
I was walking, three sheets to the wind You were talking but I don’t remember when You went outside to see what was going on I stayed here, happy to be alone Of all the things I ever wanted this to be I don’t know how I simply failed to see The light is shining on the other side of this One of a million things it turns out that i missed Forgotten somewhere down the road, and it’s been a long time Keeping the memories that I hold, but only in my mind You'd have to be a fool to think anything can last forever I've been a fool thinking anything can last forever
Uriah Heep (free) 04:01
I was here before But i don’t remember Walking through the door Or what was on the other side Lights flashing on Some kind of signal to me I know it can’t be wrong But it can’t be right And it goes Take a look around Wonder what the hell this all is I haven’t heard a sound but I can tell I’m not alone Hover over ground Try to make it all disappear Heaven, maybe hell Something unknown There’s a kind of change but you can’t see it It only happens in the night There’s another age and we can be it But only when time is right Too far ahead Or too far behind Either way you cut it something's out of line All the words we say All the ties we bind They add up to nothing in the end
Beg Steal Borrow (free) 02:54
I have to beg I have steal it I have to borrow what i never had Dont turn away Don’t make me sorry Don’t forget everything you meant to say I turned my head I saw it clearing out I felt the embers smolder in my hand The sky was gray But ain’t it always now You just remember what your momma said You can take the long way home It’s alright Either way you’ll make it by the morning light On the brightest day or the darkest night You can always stop and close your eyes And so they say That things get harder but I don’t understand how that can be When you’re away I’m at the start again Closing the distance between you and me
Sparks (free) 03:31
Working hard to pay my bills Looking for some space to fill Something that I can call my own This kind of life ain’t what I need In other ways it’s what’s saving me At least I’m not on this road alone They say a hard rain will fall I don’t know about that at all Times are bad or times are fine Never on the right side of that line Now it seems like the line might be gone It’s easier just to let it go Let it fall away like snow Coming down on a winter morn And only time will tell If this gets to me as well All the things that they told me I finally understand Everything I wanted In the palm of my hand Turning back but there’s no road now So that’s not an option anyhow I’ll just keep looking straight ahead Everything is clear and bright Even on the darkest night Something about that makes me less afraid I ain’t walking in the dark So long as i can find a spark


It's been a long year stuck inside. Finally, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. So far in 2020 I've put out 5 records, plus a children's record ( available at www.couchisnotanapkin.com ), making Winded my 7th record of the year. And frankly, I'm... winded. Looking forward to taking a break and slowing down next year. Stay safe, and stay sane, the end of all this hell is in sight.

Written and recorded over a couple weeks in December, 2020 at The Bungalow in Fullerton, CA.


released December 30, 2020

Covert art: Julian Cohen. All songs by Jared Cohen. Thank you to Spencer Askin.


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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