Choosing Failure

from Choosing Failure by Jared Cohen



When I met you I felt lucky to be
In the presence of such unusual brilliance
But the image fades fast and the light shining through doesn’t last
Made it easy to see right through the pretense

Few hits before a gig, man it's no big deal
There’s always a few guys out behind the venue
But showing up loaded and then loading up more
Only goes to show you don’t have it in you

You haven't even worked for most of the 20-teens
So I don't want to know how you're getting the money
Because the stuff is expensive or so I believe
I guess everyone finds a way to get what they're needing

The part of it all that's hardest, it seems
Is getting yourself out of bed in the morning
But to let the ambition crumble into addiction
Is easy if you just ignore all of the warnings

Dreaming up stuff that’s so far ahead
Of anyone else around you’d call a equal
And it sits and goes nowhere because dreaming is easy
But action takes effort and excuses are even easier

All I’ve been doing is just trying to find
A way to turns these thoughts into an outlet
It ain’t always easy, no it’s often a fight,
But the only other option is to let go

Thank you my friends you've really helped me out
I wish I could give you all some points on the record
But zero from zero is still nothing i guess
So I'm really just hoping any of this will get heard


from Choosing Failure, released April 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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