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Not Nothing

by Jared Cohen

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Fuckit (free) 03:14
I don’t know what happened Or when all this will end It’s getting hard to remember How it even began Sitting in my dining room And checking the box for her Now we have this hateful piece of shit Trying to destroy the world As the fires to burn California And the oceans rise over the old sea walls He’s busy bragging he’s the most humble person who’s ever lived And it’s all so sad, I just hate it all But my anger is futile I only get one vote It seems like 40% of us Never got on the boat The Nazi’s are back like the 40’s But now they’re carrying AR-15’s And the orange slob tells them to stand down and stand by And I’m stuck here, just shivering
Not Nothing (free) 03:52
we’re all waiting for the sign it isn’t coming we’re all waiting for the right time it isn’t coming i was holding onto hope but now that feels like it was years ago i was feeling rearranged i didn’t realize how much had changed i don’t think I’m doing as well as i should be but I’m better than I could be and that’s not nothing i wish there was something aside from everything that's changing to tell me how far we’ve drifted to help me see what we end up with the things we had aren’t gone you see your family from across the lawn the memories will slowly fade all of this is tomorrow’s yesterday take the kids out for a walk even if it’s just around the block got to get out of the garage so many things that I’ve been putting off
Hypocrisy (free) 03:09
are you tired like i am? tired of the same thing? are you hungry like i am? hungry for anything? we erased all the distance then put it right back in we listened to what we wanted (to be true) i thought that greed was a sin? we can’t make this up as we go along somebody has to be in charge we aren’t doing any good if we only get things wrong x x x i don't see how listening is heresy i just want to be okay while you’re scared that you won’t be free this isn’t forever even my 4 year old gets that you can’t follow directions or you’re too selfish to care about me
Covidiot (free) 03:31
i remember when the days were shorter and spring was still in bloom i remember when life was normal before i ever heard of Zoom before we were confined to our houses doses of constant fear it’s been 6 months of pacing around my living room and the end doesn’t seem near but that’s what you get when the president is an idiot down in New Zealand the whole thing’s over and they already got back to work they did what scientists said their prime minister's thoughtful i’d pick her over this jerk so that’s where we are we haven’t moved the needle very far no no i get it, the lady had her emails, you think her husband's debaucherous i guess that's true but you picked a scumbag anyway so tell me how is this better for us? don't worry it's okay i know you don't even believe the stuff you say when will it be over, a thing of the past something we tell stories about i’m trying to be patient but i’m losing it fast all i can do is get angry at people who don’t know what they’re talking about and it makes me want to curl up it makes me want to rip my hair out
Promise (free) 03:59
it comes on slow and then all happens at once just like everything always does you can try your best to change everything it was but you’ll only end up plodding through the mud you make it seem so hard to imagine we might not be exceptional i don’t want to hear the stories anymore they always end with us so proud, victorious in war sometimes now i question what's it all been for it doesn’t seem like we’re living up to the promise anymore and i’m realizing we never did people out in the streets shouting to be heard but we’ve seen this all before, the vision isn’t blurred batons on the old men, batons on the young women take a beating for your rights, it’s absurd


Just more songs about not being able to go anywhere or do anything. Also about the police beating the shit out of peaceful protestors. To download the album for free, just download each track individually.

PS: Put a mask on when you go outside.

PPS: Biden/Harris 2020.


released October 19, 2020

Guitar on 1 & 5 by Spencer Askin.
Everything else recorded at The Bungalow in Fullerton, CA.
Mixed by Alex Emrich.


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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