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Versions of Things to Come

by Jared Cohen

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Untitled #20 (free) 04:22
i woke up yesterday and i couldn’t find the words to say what’s really eating me alive something buried deep inside it looks easy but i’m struggling i don’t know how to do anything all i see is what i want to see but nothing’s coming on this frequency just tell me the minute when everything went wrong everything you said we had, we suddenly forgot lately in dreams i try to find a window to another time but all i ever get is further from the memories and what i’ve done at the other end’s an open door no one can tell me what that one’s for and if the only way out is through then this all comes down to what we choose now we’re just making up versions of the things to come and when it’s all said and done i’ll meet you back at one
Sins (free) 03:57
what’s up ahead what’s there to fear when i don’t remember why i’m even here i pick up the phone just a dead line there’s no one waiting for me, looking for a sign it’s getting cold but i don’t know why there’s nothing left if we’re not even gonna try walk through the door leave it behind uncovered anything there ever was to find a tired glance the empty space the disappointment written all across your face whispering sins the details poured and everything you want in pieces on the floor apologies too few too late and the growing urge to lecture and berate half-hearted sighs and the wreckage left in a couple years maybe a letter sent it's all torn up now and we don't even know how the end comes on so strong and everything here is gone
Bowling Green Massacre (free) 03:48
hope springs eternal but when all hope is lost and we’ve still got forever then who’ll figure the cost? you never want to admit it the blind leading the blind the illusion of progress and there’s nothing new to find while we’re waiting for everything to burn to the ground wonder if there’s any way to turn any of this around or is it already over now? hours feel like seconds, the sky’s getting dark turning into something cold and floating around like stars being smug is easy with your thumb on the scale once you rig the system it gets hard to fail why bother with figures and concrete facts when you can drive the message home in a blitz attack? and never want to find a way out of it now.
Anyway (free) 04:11
when there’s an end something’s about to begin and the spot lights shining are there to tell you when and you say you’ll never make it out anyway and you know that it’s true the dark is colder now than it ever felt before and the things inside you have gone rotten to the core there’s a way they can try to can take it all away but none of it’s you
Need To Know (free) 02:24
i’m trying hard to stay positive but it’s difficult, and i don’t know what it is even when things are good something inside pulls even when things look up i can’t help but look for holes and i’m wondering what all it meant is there something in me? is it something that’s just always been? falling in to dark and searching for a light but the bottom never ends and it takes me through the night and i need to know before i close my eyes will i wake up here? will i be surprised? is there anything else that can save me from myself i need to know if there’s something else
Familiar Roads (free) 04:18
all the washed up jocks singing "Jack and Diane" no matter how many times they can't understand It's not a happy song and it might be true When life goes cold they don't know what to do It's a long road down to the promised land And it ain't any shorter for an honest man When the dirt is gone it'll leave a clue Hiding it plain sight by the light of the moon every moving shape draws a line on your face and it’s always changing, i just can’t trace where we’ve been before or where this goes before too long we’re on familiar roads the time goes on and on and on and the phone never rings if we knew back then the things we know now would it’ve changed anything? we don’t control the lives we lead something inside dictates the speed ut its not for long and before its through you turn around wonder if its true
Coming From (free) 03:08
i can see where you’re coming from but i can’t see why everything we had is lost everything here died calling out for a savior when the time has long since passed nothing left here worth rescuing nothing was made to last saying shit that a 5 year old could drive a Mack truck through none of it is significant none of it is true parroting what new machine always says things ought to be you don’t give it a second thought just pour another drink what the fuck is going on with us? can we really be this dumb? i don’t understand why evidence, as clear as it can be is suddenly controversial or hard for you to see a dialogue with insanity is the best that we can do not smart enough to be rational no time to think it through
Kingdom Come (free) 04:38
you can hide out in the dark but you can’t make it go away and you can pray you miss the mark but you can’t face another day if we’re running from ourselves then who knows what’s to come and when the meter jumps the scale well it looks like somebody won they say that it goes and goes till it’s gone and in the end is all we want now time is up and we’ve just begun to send ‘em all to kingdom come at the end of every lie comes somebody’s judgment day and before you’ve even tried something new is in the way
Lose It Again (free) 04:11
i was right in front of you but you were calling my name there’s a disconnect between what we see as the same every time you close your eyes and it happens again you know it’ll pass but you don’t know when and if everything we had was gone then how did we lose it again? and when everything we did was wrong then why did we chose it again? all the lights are flashing now, while we lie in the rain and the calls are coming fast, there ain’t no refrain if you think the end’s in sight then you’ve only begun to realize how it all caves in on you and everyone you’re living up to what you’ve got but that’s not really saying a lot and everything is slipping out of your hands
Millions (free) 02:56
i dont even remember why you said you were gonna come back here again what do you see when you close your eyes are we in for a big surprise and when we sleep and i hold you close what makes you think i won't let go and when the night becomes the day you still think i'm gonna stay we were two in a mountain of millions we were just two in a sea of millions
What We Want (free) 03:45
we were running for the door never waiting for anything anymore and when the time was running thin we couldn’t even understand we never said it’s what we want but now we’re told it’s what we’ve got and in the end it all falls back on us but there’s a war still being fought just not as hard as we had thought so it’s never gonna end for us making things make sense was never worth the effort spent and yelling quiet on the set the production can be begin now you're asking yourself, where did it all go wrong? and if we started now could we mend it like torn cloth? or is it too late to turn it around?


released April 6, 2020


all rights reserved



Jared Cohen Fullerton, California

California rock & roll.

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